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The Mimos Pillow is the only one tried and recommended by a wide range of pedriatric doctors, pediatric neurosurgeons, pediatric physioterapists and midwifes.

Mimos Pillow(0 to 3 months)

This pillow has been designed for babies already born with a deformity and that need to start using it straight after birth. If your baby was born with the deformity and is more than 6 weeks old, we recomend you buy our standard pillow (2-8 months).

Prevention and Treatment

This pillow can also be used to prevent deformities in newborn babies from birth to 3 months.

In babies with a deformity or flat head, use it as a complement to the recommended actions by your pediatric doctor or pediatric neurosurgeon.

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Mimos pillow comparison table

(age at purchase)
Mimos L
(0-1 months)
Mimos P
(0-2 months)
Mimos XL
(1-5 months)
Mimos XXL
(5-12 months)
11x8.3x1.2 in
28x21x3 cm
6.3x8.3x1.2 in
16x21x3 cm
11x8.3x1.6 in
28x21x4 cm
11.8x9.1x2.4 in
30x23x6 cm
Maximum recommended use
Between 0 and 3 months
Between 0 and 6 months
Between 1 and 10 months
Between 5 and 18 months
Directions of use
For use in the cot, baby always facing up.
In the trolley or pram, sleeping or awake.
on the cot, for sleeping time.
In the cot or bed.
Anti suffocation tridimensional Poliester, certified Oekotex 100 class 1 for direct contact with the baby skin.