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Mimos XL
(This model is recommended for purchase if your baby has between 1 and 5 months.
Maximum recomended usage, until 10 months of age.
If your baby is older than 5 month you might want to check the Mimos XXL)


cojin mimos This device has been carefully designed for babies between 1 and 10 months for use on a baby cot. The design minimizes the pressure on the baby's skull. More info...

White cover (XL size)


baby white mimos cover Mimos covers are made to match their own size and will protect it from small vomiting and sweat.

This cover is made of a specially designed fabric that allows baby to breathe through safely while absorbing liquid with its microfibers (100% Polyester).
Mimos covers are optional items. You can use the Mimos as it comes, but for safety reasons don't use any other fabric to cover the Mimos..

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